Business Divisions



  • investment


  • The GI&R team accesses and provides financing to major infrastructure projects. We also evaluate and invest in companies or products that show promising results in the international marketplace. Working with and grooming high growth companies that are IPO tracked at global major capital market boards such as NYSE and NASDAQ, GI&R is a fast track to the next level.


Resource Sourcing

  • resource-test


  • From traditional as well as new energy sources to local live water rights, GI&R has a commitment to protecting and influencing global expansion of natural resources. We also source energy and other natural resources across the globe to satisfy the needs of other institutions.



  • globalization


  • GI&R is the only private entity in the industry that provides turnkey solutions to its sovereign clients in the defense sector from product selection, training and most importantly, financing.



  • globalization


  • GI&R provides long-term as well as other attractive financing terms to assist government and private institutions in satisfying their aviation needs.



  • globalization


  • Working with unique brands that tell a story, along with a strong position in the marketplace, GI&R helps expand global reach and recognition.