Business Model


Our Philosophy…
As a true global citizen, our philosophy is to lead by example to shepherd earth’s natural resources while enabling economic growth and significant added value to our partners globally. Global Investments & Resources (GI&R) believes in seeking out rising stars that prove to be promising brands in their market sector. Revolutionaries in technology, products, and services with national exposure that are ready to make an international presence. Our experience in global growth creates opportunities for companies and organizations to play at the next level without experiencing the painful time, years, and/or resources to attempt international scalability on its own. GI&R demands excellence and is the resource for fast-paced high growth capabilities across the globe.

The strategic direction for growing the company’s portfolio of investments and partnerships is based on our relationships and expertise in the global marketplace across a wide variety of industries. The GI&R influence and reach, will enhance both national and global exposure for those we choose to partner with.