– Sourcing the Globe –

Global Investments & Resources

Global Investments & Resources Limited (“GI&R”) is a prominent global investment leader. Our mission is simple, to source and globalize resources, products, and services. GI&R partners with synergistic companies around the world to fulfil global needs and demands. Specializing in the expansion and global distribution of energy resources, products, services, and technologies, GI&R’s strategy includes investments, acquisitions, global sourcing, and joint ventures.

GI&R’s value proposition lies in the strategic relationships and decades of unique international business experience. Utilizing alliances and connections with key senior governments and top business executives in the Middle East, many countries along One Belt One Road including most of the countries in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, GI&R has the ability to impact promising, scalable businesses. GI&R’s rich business experience and history allows for prudent, timely decisions on investments, natural resource acquisitions, defense supplies and financing, aviation financing, and brand globalization, enabling the company to guide its partners effectively in complex projects and ventures.

GI&R consists of five business divisions: : Investments, Natural Resources, Defenses, Aviation, and Globalization.

GI&R is a multi-national organization with offices in Greater China, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.